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UAB Sertanis

  • Day
  • Contract Base
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Welder required in production: Working with non-standard metal structures in the new factory


Semi-automatic welding works, cutting, cutting, grinding. Metal constructions, gates, railings, various details.


It is mandatory to read drawings, orient yourself in assembly, cut with a band saw.

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Job Summary

  • Published on: 09 Sep 2022
  • Vacancy: 20
  • Employment Status: Contract Base
  • Experience: 1-2 Yrs
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 45
  • Job Location: Lithuania (Klaipėda)
  • Salary: 1230 - 1500 USD
  • Salary Period: Monthly
  • Application Deadline: 30 Nov 2022
UAB Sertanis job post